The COSMOLEP Experiment

CosmoLep is a proposed cosmic ray experiment using the four LEP experiments.The aim is to detect cosmic ray muons underground at a depth where the electromagnetic and hadronic components of the cosmic air showers are completely absorbed. Depending on the depth of the different experiments the cut-off on the muon momentum varies between 10 to 100 GeV/c. Compared to the deep underground experiments (e.g. MACRO in Gran Sasso) the muon momentum cut-off is much reduced and furthermore the detectors allow a good momentum determination. Two LEP experiments (L3 and Aleph) have already started with cosmic muon measurements, Opal and Delphi are interested to participate in the near future. Furthermore, H1 and ZEUS consider to join the CosmoLep project.

The interest of CosmoLep concentrates on two main subjects:

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